Temenos Sculpture

Anish Kapoor’s new mega sculpture Temenos is located at the north-eastern corner of Middlesbrough Dock, Middlehaven. It cost £2.7m and is 110m in length and almost 50m high. Websites: Grim Riders Web Site Sculpture Trail Ride Google Map

King and Queen Sculpture

Henry Moore’s King & Queen sculpture at Glenkiln reservoir – This is one of several sculptures in the area around Glenkiln reservoir. They were bought and placed there between 1951 and 1976 by Sir William Keswick, who owned the Glenkiln estate, thus realising his lifelong vision of creating the world’s Read more…

Apollo Pavilion Sculpture

The ‘Apollo Pavilion’, also known as the ‘Pasmore Pavilion’, is a controversial piece of public art in the new town of Peterlee designed by British artist and architect Victor Pasmore It was built between 1963 and 1970 using concrete, cast in situ, and was originally part art-work, part footbridge. After Read more…

Empowerment Sculpture

The Empowerment was designed by the artist Stephen Broadbent, sponsored by Alstom Power (now Siemens), and completed in 2002, the sculpture spans the River Witham in Lincoln’s City Square. It takes the form of two aluminium-and-steel human figures reaching to each other across the water. The design is intended to Read more…

Heavens Gate Sculpture

The sculptures for this Millennium project were made by sculptor Paul Norris who worked on them for two years. The granite comes from Mabe in Cornwall. This is the central sculpture of the installation. Websites: Grim Riders Web Site Sculpture Trail Ride Google Map