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Sherwood Forest

After reading about the lads at JangleJangle going to Sherwood Forest and playing at being Robin Hood we decided to have a little ride over that way as Bob wanted to audition for the role of the evil sheriff of

2006 NEC Bike Show

I must admit that I wasn’t overly looking forward to this years NEC Bike Show, I’m not sure why but the last few years shows have just been more of the same and were getting boring but due to work

Bristol Bike Show

This was the tenth year of the Bristol Bike Show and for the last couple of years it was one of the shows that I had always wanted to attend but never got round to it, but this year was


June 2006 and another hot summers day so we decided to head to the coast for some ice cream, we started the day meeting up with Bonzo at Fromes Hill Cafe where we had our usual full English breakfast before


Early on Saturday morning Rig and Bob left Tamworth for a trip to the seaside and down one of my favourite roads from Ashby-De-La-Zouch to Melton Mowbray where we picked up the B676 to where we stopped for breakfast at

France and Spain – 2006

Saturday June 3rd 2006 Set out at 3.45am for the ferry and for once it was not freezing cold, pouring of rain or blowing a gale, but it was a bit foggy and cold. I was supposed to meet the


We started the day at Fromes Hill cafe meeting up with Ray and Bonzo before heading off towards Ross-on-Wye and then onto the B4521 into Abergavenny where we stopped at the infamous Abergavenny bus station cafe. After leaving Abergavenny, we headed

Abergavenny and Brecon

Ray and Bonzo had a little ride around Abergavenny the B4246 and the B4521 and ended up in Brecon.

Dean Forest Railway

We started the day at the excellent Fromes Hill Cafe where we met up with Bonzo and Ray who had travelled up from near Cardiff for our usual ride our morning ritual of coffee, bacon, egg, sausage, beans with a