For the 6th year running Rig is taking part in The Motorbike Forum UK Challenge 100 which is organised by the splendid fellows over at

General tags.
This year there are 12 tags per mainland UK region.

Green Bike – Racetracks
Knife and fork – Café
Tree – National Park / Stately Home
M Block – Museum
Burger – Rantmachine’s Denver Challenge

North Scotland – Red
South Scotland – Dark Blue
North West and East England – Yellow
East Midlands – Light Green
West Midlands – Blue
East of England – Purple
South East England – Orange
South West England – Dark Red
North Wales – Black
South Wales – Grey
10 points per tag. complete a region get 50 points bonus

Bonus Rounds!

This year there are a lot of opportunities to get bonus points.

Race Tracks – there are 20 tracks (on the map as a green motorbike, obviously) each worth 10 points. Some are kart tracks but Google assures me there is a large sign out front to get a picture with. The larger circuits as long as you have a sign or clearly readable flag in the picture it counts. Complete the set get 100 bonus points (because seriously if you get them all you deserve it!!!!)

Motorcycle Dealerships – Find a dealer bag 10 points! If you can get a member of staff to (knowingly) be in the picture as well I’ll give you FIVE WHOLE BONUS POINTS! Get all 10 get 50 points bonus.
1. Aprilia
2. BMW Motoraad (no cheating, no car only dealerships please!)
3. Ducati
4. Harley Davidson
5. Honda
6. Kawasaki
7. KTM
8. Suzuki
9. Triumph
10. Yamaha

Pub Round – As usual, list of 10 pubs, get a pub with one of the below names gets 10 points, get all 10 get 50 points bonus.

1. Red Lion
2. White Hart
3. Swan
4. Plough
5. Rose & Crown
6. Kings Arms
7. Hare & Hounds
8. Chequers
9. Rising Sun
10. Travellers Rest

Rig’s Progress Map

Rig’s TMBF 2019 Challenge 100 Score: 0 Points