TMBF 2023 Challenge 100

The Motorbike Forum challenge consists of firstly getting your rally number (mine is 404) and then you check a map that they provide to see all of the locations that you can visit, here you need to take a picture of yourself or your bike outside the location with your rally number in the picture (to prove it was you there).

General Tags
This year there are a number of categories, based on areas of the UK and you earn 10 points per tag with an additional 50-point bonus for completed regions.

North Scotland South Scotland Northeast England Northwest England East Midlands
West Midlands East of England South East of England South West of England North Wales
South Wales Isle of Man Northen Ireland Isle of Wight AA Sentry Boxes

There is also an additional bonus round as well this year, to find a pub that has a name in each of the following categories:


Dog Feline Big Five Fish Insects
Equine Birds Rodents Mythical Beast Animal Wildcard

Offical TMBF 2023 Challenge Google Map

Rig’s TMBF 2023 Challenge Score: 190 Points

Pub Names – 30 points
Dog Inn
Horse and Jockey
Red Lion
Northeast & Northwest England – 40 points
Brimham Rocks
Crofton Hall Coffee Shop
Cross Farms
Killhope Lead Mining Museum
West Midlands – 50 points
Byrkley Park Garden Centre
Brockington Tea Rooms
Cotswold Cafe
Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses
Stokesay Castle
South Scotland – 70 points
Annandale Distillery
Floors Castle
Jim Clark Motorsport Museum
The Big Red Barn Company
The Old Stables Inn Beattock
The Waterwheel -01
William Laidlaw Memorial Hall - Bonchester Hall