Rig's Blackbird

Rig’s Honda Blackbird

After selling my Triumph Sprint ST I spent all my spare time reading Internet forums, searching eBay and even looking in local newspapers in search of inspiration for a new bike until eventually I found a nice looking Honda CBR1100xx Blackbird

Bob's Silver Blackbird

Bob’s Silver Honda Blackbird

Bob’s gone and bought himself another Honda Blackbird, he’s still got his previous blue Honda Blackbird but while he was visiting a local dealer he saw this shiny silver Blackbird in the showroom and after having a chat with the dealer ended up buying it, so now the greedy bugger has 2 Honda Blackbirds!

Bonzo’s Black Honda Blackbird

December 2005 Bonzo has traded his old Blackbird in for this nice shiny new 2005 one in black (slowest colour) September 2006 Some thieving scumbag has gone and stolen Bonzo’s Blackbird! February 2007 After Bonzo’s insurance company finally paid up he bought himself another Blackbird in silver this time (fastest colour)

Chinny's Blackbird

Chinny’s Honda Blackbird

July 2001 both Bob & Chinny decided to trade in their bikes for Honda’s flagship sports tourer, the Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX. Chinny’s Honda Blackbird is a brand new 2001 model in red and Chinny’s added quite a few accessories along the way.