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Cold day in the Cotswolds

It was a very cold day on Saturday as we sat at Bob’s house drinking tea and talking bollocks, nothing unusual there it must be said but while twittering away we eventually decided to head south into the Cotswold’s and

Bob’s all tyred out

Well we started our Saturday ride out in our usual way by meeting up with Bonzo and having a nice breakfast at Fromes Hill cafe where afterwards we were planning on going to go to Rhayader as the scenery is


Bob and Bonzo met up at Fromes Hill cafe for a small bite to eat before heading east to the picturesque village of Bourton-on-the-Water in the Costwolds.

France – 2008

Well it all started with a bike clean on the 17th of September as we were not going to get much work done so the next morning Chinny was knocking on my door about 4.20am and after a cup of


It had been over 2 years since we had last been to ‘Sunny Hunny’ so we thought it was about time we headed east and sampled the delights that Hunstanton had to offer, no we are not talking about cockles


Saturday morning was nice, warm and dry so Bob and Chinny decided to meet up with Ray and Bonzo over at Crossgates cafe for breakfast before heading into Aberystwyth so that Bonzo could have a paddle while eating his ice

Sunday Jaunt

Due to my eldest son’s birthday being on the Saturday I couldn’t make the trip to Aberystwyth to eat ice cream and look at students…cough…err, I mean look at classic cars so instead me and Bob set out the following

Round House Cafe

It’s Saturday so that means only 1 thing, You’ve Been Framed is on! Ohh and it’s time to get the bikes out for yet another episode of the amazing adventures of Rig, Bob, Chinny, Ray and the unforgettable Bonzo! Only


Saturday was a surprisingly beautiful sunny day for February so we decided to meet up with Bonzo and Ray at Jo’s Place Cafe on the A40 near Monmouth, the only problem was that as usual we were running a little late