Saturday was a surprisingly beautiful sunny day for February so we decided to meet up with Bonzo and Ray at Jo’s Place Cafe on the A40 near Monmouth, the only problem was that as usual we were running a little late so that forced us to use the quikcer M42/M45/M50 route instead of the nicer A46 and roads around Stratford-upon-Avon, so after 70-odd miles of mind numbing motorway we eventually met up at the Round Table Cafe for our usual start to the day, a scrummy breakfast (OK, in this case it was brunch as breakfast had finished) – Thanks Bonzo for the Brunch.

After we had finished our brunch we decided to head down one of our favourite roads, the B4521 into Abergavenny. After 20 miles of slipping and sliding around corners, along straights covered in mud from all the tractors we eventually made it safely to Abergavenny and the (almost) world famous Oasis Snack Bar (Bus Station Cafe) for coffee, cake and a look at the bikes that were all parked up.

While we were lounging around the cafe we got chatting to a guy on a Honda Valadero (Sorry I forgot your name) who told us about a new Honda dealers that had just opened in Cwmbran and seeing how Ray is looking at replacing his current 2005 CBR100RR Fireblade with the new 2008 CBR1000RR Fireblade we decided to have a ride over and take a look.

Once again thanks to the guy on the Honda Valadero as because we are useless and couldn’t understand where the Honda Dealers were he offered top show us as he was heading in that direction.

15 miles later we arrived at Dragon Honda’s new showroom and was impressed at the spacious layout, the various make and models of bikes on offer and the free coffee (try the hot chocolate, it’s very good)

After having a look at the new 2008 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade and a number of other good bikes including a tasty BMW 1150GS Adventure and 2 amazingly engineered trike’s we decided it was time to start heading home, we said good bye to Ray (and f&*k off to Bonzo) and headed back towards Monmouth via the A472 road through Usk and once again started up the A40/M50/M5/M42 home.

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