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Telferizer Sat Nav Mount – Yamaha FJR1300

Telferizer GPS RAM Mount

Robert Telfer has been making custom sat nav mounts for a number of years, in fact the first one I purchased was to fit my Triumph Sprint ST and when I sold the bike I left the mount on for the

SP Engineering

Black Stubby Moto GP Exhaust on Steves Triumph Street Triple R

With the Triumph Street Triple R now fully run in I decided it was time to splash the cash and hit it with a few farkles, all unnecessary of course, but were on the list if and when I got

Bags Connection Dakar Panniers

Bags Connection Dakar Panniers on KTM 1190 Adventure

After much deliberation on the purchase of luggage for the KTM 1190 Adventure I have finally settled on a modest system of the Dakar Panniers from Bags Connection. The usual solution to this problem is the aluminium type with scaffolding

Replacement Blackbird Radiator

Replacement Radiator on Honda CBR1100 Super Blackbird

Today has been a day that has been coming for a while, it was time to replace the ancient, crumbling excuse for a radiator that I had fitted on the Blackbird. Replacing the radiator seems to be a common issue

Ultimate Ear Plugs

Ultimate Ear Plugs

I headed off to the 2014 Motorcycle Live show with two main items on my shopping list, one of which I actually achieved and the rest consigned to the “perhaps next year” column. I arrived just before the 10am opening

Hanging Around

Do the words of Hugh Alan Cornwell et al. “There Just Hanging Around” apply to your biking gear? Yes? then you need to get them sorted, “hang about” you say “how can they be sorted?” Flimsy coat hangers don’t last

Leather Treatment Potions

We can all spend a great deal of hard earned cash on the many leather products on the market so it makes sense to look after them. A few years ago I came across Leather Genie Balsam and after reading the

Ultimate Addons Mobile Phone Mounting Kit

Like many people these days I have a ‘smartphone’ these are fantastic devices as you can use them not only to text your loved ones that you’re OK, telephone your mates to let them know you’re running late, posting your

Halo Smart Clean

The Halo Smart Clean is a multi stage process that removes road grime, salt, old waxes and co-polymers from the bike before applying a coating of ACF-50 to protect the bike from corrosion. With the exception of the ACF-50 which was designed


Let me get this bit out of the way first, this must be the one of the best items ever produced for a motorcycle (unless you have a shaft or belt driven bike of course) A Scottoiler is a small chamber

Altberg Clubman Roadster Boots

May 2002 Altberg (also known as Alt-berg) is a small company based in Richmond, North Yorkshire that originally and still do make excellent walking boots, I believe that a number of the employees at the company ride motorcycles and so

Baglux Tank Cover and Alpha Bag

One of the only problems with my brand new Triumph Sprint ST is it’s plastic fuel tank, now this is not that much of a problem, except for the fact that about 4 months before I purchased my Triumph, my