Like many people these days I have a ‘smartphone’ these are fantastic devices as you can use them not only to text your loved ones that you’re OK, telephone your mates to let them know you’re running late, posting your latest bike photos on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ you can even use them as your on-bike GPS unit. The problem is that the more you use them the more often their little batteries need charging.

Now I prefer the GPS on the Samsung Galaxy S3 to my Garmin zūmo 550 so I’ve been looking at a way of not only charging my phone while I’m on the bike but also keeping it secure, dry and usable.

After doing a little digging on the Internet a number of people recommended some of the products by a company named Ultimate Addons who make various bits of kit that allow me to do just what I was looking for, which in my instance I wanted a secure, dry case to hold my phone, a way of mounting it onto my bike and a way if charging it on the move.

Another Internet search led me to who sell the individual parts to do this but they also sell the complete kit that compromises of the following: (the following text was taken from the Ultimate-Mobiles web site)

Tough Waterproof Mount Case for Samsung Galaxy S3
This case has been designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to help keep it safe and protected while using it outdoors. Designed with the Ultimate Addons 3 prong connection system on the back, this case can be used with a wide range of Ultimate Addons mounting attachments.

The outer shell of this case is made with hard durable plastic. The inside has a customised rubber waterproof insert with cut outs for most major phone functions. At the top there is access to the headphone socket with an improved rubber cap to cover socket while not in use. To the left there are the volume buttons and to the base there is access to the charging port for our hard wire charging cable (please note that only the Ultimate Addons cable will fit this case, other cables may not fit).

On the rear and front there are transparent cut outs for the camera, speaker and earpiece functions. Ideal for using the Samsung Galaxy S3’s 8 Megapixel camera, take photo’s or videos while the phone is protected in this case.

The case locks with 2 super strong easy accessible clips on the left side of the case, giving the case a water-right seal around the Samsung Galaxy S3. The touch screen features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are still usable through the transparent case screen. Also included are a free screen protector and a lanyard to keep the case secure around your neck if not using it with a mounting attachment.

This case has been rated to waterproof rating IPX4. Care should be taken to ensure that the case is locked properly and plugs are correctly inserted before use. This product should not be submerged in water, it has been designed to help protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 from weather conditions allowing it to be safely used outdoors.

25mm to 3 Prong Adapter
Ultimate Addons 3 prong socket plate is designed to allow Ultimate Addons 3 Prong holders and cases to be connected. The socket slots securely over the 1 inch (25mm) ball connector and is tightened with a nut for the optimum viewing position.

This is ideal if you already own an Ultimate Addons 3 prong holder or case, if not there are plenty holders to choose from!

Fork Stem Yoke Attachment
This Aluminium fork stem attachment is supplied with a 25mm (1″) ball connector which is compatible with the Ultimate Addons adapters which allow many of Ultimate Addons dedicated holders and waterproof case to be attached. This 1″ ball connector is also compatible with many other branded mounting attachments, including RAM/SW-Motech and many more.

This fork stem motorcycle attachment is easy to fit. Simply slide the attachment into the hole of the stem and tighten the two clamping bushes and then screw with an Allen key to create a tight fit. This part is designed to fit into the steering head tube of fork stems and will work with various stem sizes. This mount is not suitable for every motorcycle please remove the cap and measure the internal diameter before ordering (may have a cap covering the fork stem,)

3 inch extender 25mm ball attachment
Ultimate Addons 3 extender has been designed for the Ultimate Addons 25mm / 1 ball attachments. This extender has been designed to give extra length on various mounting attachments when mounting your Samsung Galaxy S3 to your motorcycle.

This 3 extender can be used on a motorcycle mounting attachment allowing you to angle and extend your Samsung Galaxy S3 mounting holder so that it does not block your view of your instrument panel. If you use a tank bag on your motorcycle the extender can be use used to raise the height of your Ultimate Addons holder or case.

Waterproof Hardwire Cable
The cable is simple to set up, the black and red connectors attach to the battery, then run the cable / switch box to a suitable location. The cable includes an inline blade fuse (easily replaced if required) with waterproof cover. The switch box on the cable drops the voltage down to be safe for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Please note adapter cable required to charge your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Waterproof Micro USB Tough Case Adapter Cable
Ultimate Addons waterproof 2 pin straight Micro USB tough case adapter cable for Samsung Galaxy S3 is an optional cable for use with any of the Ultimate Addons 2 pin waterproof charging kits. This adapter cable was designed to fit the Ultimate Addons tough cases.

This connector cable connects via a watertight connection. The cable is approx 50cm long. The end connector is a Micro USB straight suitable for Samsung Galaxy S3 which is now an industry standard for many mobile phones, MP3’s, MP4’s, Sat Nav’s, Ereaders and many more consumer gadgets

Most new mobile smart phones are compatible with this industry standard. These include HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG & Many More SmartPhones. If unsure please check with us. Please note that this will only work if used with one of the Ultimate Addons Waterproof Charger Cable kits.

As you can see the list is quite extensive and I while I already have a RAM mount and Telferizer GPS mount that I use to mount my Garmin GPS onto my bike I decided to purchase the entire kit so that way I knew that everything would work together.

Two days after placing my order online Mr Post Lady delivered a nice little package so already have passed them quick delivery test.

Fitting the kit is very simple, install the stem mount (I removed my Telferizer GPS mount so that I could test this) and then it’s simply a case of planning the best way to connect the cables from the battery to the waterproof end that I wanted to leave by my steering head so that the Micro USB cable is adaptor is within easy reach when I wanted to use the system.  The Waterproof Hardwire cable is has a small box that also has a waterproof power switch so that you can leave the cable dead when not in use.

I must admit that I also decided to ‘test’ the technical support offered by, so I contacted their support team via the form on their website and ask for advice regarding a ‘problem’ I had with the unit (no power light) within 30 minutes I had recieved a reply back asking me to check that I had turned the unit on (the power switch is well hidden and easily missed) which in my ‘case’ was the cause of the fault. (sorry if your reading this, but you did pass them tech support test!)

The next stage is fitting my Samsung Galaxy S3 into the waterproof case, this is nice and easy to do and the phone feels very secure in it’s foam padded case , you can still use the screen and volume controls as you would normally.

Once my phone was in the case, the mains lead attached and connected to the new well made waterproof wiring harness and then clipped onto the 3 Prong Adapter (making sure it clamps down securely) it’s time to head out and see if everything works.

..and it does, due to the nice hot weather we are currently having (July 2013) I’ve not been able to test the waterproofing but everything else works perfectly.

Obviously you shouldn’t use your phone while you’re riding your bike, you should always pull over and stop in a safe place!

Ultimate Addons do have kits for other handsets such as the the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 etc.

Entire kit purchased £69.65 from and include a 30 Day no quibble full money back guarantee and 12 months warranty.

Ultimate Addons 25mm to 3 Prong Adapter
Ultimate Addons Waterproof Micro USB Tough Case Adapter Cable
Ultimate Addons Tough Waterproof Mount Case
Ultimate Addons
Ultimate Addons Waterproof Hardwire Cable
Ultimate Addons
Ultimate Addons Waterproof Hardwire Cable
Ultimate Addons
Ultimate Addons Waterproof Hardwire Cable
Ultimate Addons Waterproof Hardwire Cable