Category: Whoops a Daisy

Whoops a Daisy is the most common thing said when biker drops his bike (OK that’s a lie but if I said what we all thought then this site would end up blocked)

This area of our website contains details and photos regarding the very few occasions when one of us a come a cropper on our bikes, thankfully none of the injuries have been too bad.

Whoops! – Windsor’s Honda X11

Date: May 30th 2015 Location: Junction of the A422/B4092 near Inkberrow Bike: Honda X11 – written off Rider: Windsor – broken leg, shoulder, thumb.

Ray’s Honda CBR1000 – 2009

Poor old Ray had slid off his bike while coming round an island near Cardiff and while Ray was OK (except for some bruising) Initial inspection showed that the bike had slid down the road on it’s left hand side

Bob’s Honda Blackbird – 2005

The day started out as normal, we were due to meet up with Bonzo and Ray just outside of Ross-on-Wye for breakfast and then spend the day riding around Wales, that was until a car driver decided to take a

Ray’s CBR954RR Fireblade – 2004

Oops! Dam! and Blast! – These were probably the words uttered by Ray as he slid off his Fireblade while going around a hairpin bend and started heading for the armco barrier…then again maybe he used slightly more colourful words. Thankfully

Windsor’s Honda VFR800 – 2001

Windsor’s got no excuse for this little incident, whilst approaching a bend his Honda VFR was happily content with the usual method of going around via the bit in the middle (known as the road) but Windsor had an idea

Bonzo’s Triumph Daytona 1200 – 2000

Bonzo had just had a new set of tyres fitted, travelling home from the tyre centre in the pouring rain, by a bend in the road he crossed the white painted markings and the bike slid from under him. Bonzo

Windsor’s CBR900 Fireblade – 2000

Watch out for crazy taxi drivers when riding your Fireblade! You may write off your bike and possibly even more. This is what happens when you’re forced off the road by some **** of a taxi driver who cannot use

Andy’s Triumph Daytona 955i – 2000

Andy was riding over a manhole cover in the rain and the front wheel went from under him resulting in damage to the right hand side fairing, indicators, footrest, front brake master cylinder, exhaust, rear cowling, clip-ons but Andy managed