We can all spend a great deal of hard earned cash on the many leather products on the market so it makes sense to look after them. A few years ago I came across Leather Genie Balsam and after reading the entire publicity splurge I decided to give it a go.

It arrived promptly in the post so I set about treating all the leather I could find. Car seats which at the time were leather but are now normal junkie stuff, not because of this product I hasten to add……., the credit crunch gets to everyone!!!, motorcycle seats, leather clothing including boots, even the leather sofa we have and still have today…. I have to say that it coped with everything admirably.

The product is sold in 250ml containers which, doesn’t sound much, but goes a long way. Using the small bits of sponge to apply and wipe off the residue, no mess is left behind but your hand does get a liberal dosing of the potion depending on how long you use the sponge for. I have taken to using some latex gloves………. Sorry drifting off the subject……., no, no, no, yes even for the application of this product, perfect…..

When I made the original purchase I added their leather cleaner as well, however being a lazy sod I have not really used this, I just tend to treat the gear and it cleans as it goes… well to my satisfaction anyway…… it doesn’t take too long to get the dead flies back….

The last year I have also started to use this to clean my shoes, comes up a matt finish after it has dried and does the job.

Leather Genie Balsam

As I said the product goes a long way and it is only recently that I have thought about getting some more, always being a believer in “continued product improvement” I had a look around and found Ducks Wax. This looked a very similar product so I gave this one a go. This potion is supplied in either 100ml or 500ml sizes so I took the plunge and went for the bigger one. I have put the Ducks wax to the same uses as the Leather Genie and am equally pleased with the results.

In summary I can’t separate the two products so if you are in the market for some leather treatment malarkey then do a bit of research, read the many reviews available and take your pick. Quack! Quack!

Ducks Wax

Website: Leather Genie Balsam – www.leathergenie.co.uk
Website: Ducks Wax – www.duckswax.co.uk