Alt-berg Clubman Roadster Boots

May 2002
Altberg (also known as Alt-berg) is a small company based in Richmond, North Yorkshire that originally and still do make excellent walking boots, I believe that a number of the employees at the company ride motorcycles and so they decided to start manufacturing motorcycle boots.

The boots are exceptionally well made using a combination of modern materials with traditional skills, I have never in my life worn a pair of boots that I felt unbelievably comfortable and secure in.

The Clubman boots are made from a water repellent leather and includes what Altberg call `Skywalk Dual-Density Soles` that is a mix of an upper layer which is soft, flexible and shock absorbing and a bottom layer that is a harder, very tough and high grip surface, The under sole is also filled with cork for added comfort and insulation.

The boots are lined with a breathable `Aquatex’ membrane that allows your feet to breathe whilst stopping water from leaking in. The boots also incorporate a wide leather strap around the top of the boot to help accommodate different calf sizes.

The first thing I noticed about these boots was how comfortable they felt, almost like a well-worn pair of slippers, very comfy. The second thing I noticed is how stiff they were, Altberg uses only high-quality thick leather and boy can you tell.

Over the first month of use, I found they were very stiff in use, I also found that because the boots are very high across the toe area I had difficulty changing gear, almost to the point where I was considering altering the position of the gear change to make things easier.

In the end I’m glad to say that everything bedded in OK and changing gear is a lot easier now and I find the boots very very comfortable, if you ride a sports bike you may find that these boots may not be suitable, then again most sports bike riders prefer a totally different style of boot anyway.

Which brings me to my next point, Altberg’s are never going to win any fashion contests, their range of boots are not the best looking boots around, I once heard them described as `leather Wellington boots’ – A bit harsh, but I do understand what the person meant by the remark. At the end of the day I would rather have a boot that was comfortable, (after being broken in) warm, dry and kept my feet and ankles safe and sound and not overly good looking as opposed to a fancy looking, chrome, carbon/Kevlar fibre boot that leaks, squeaks and falls off as soon as you put your foot down.

One of the nice features of Altberg boots is that because they are made in England and not some sweatshop in Taiwan you can easily get them repaired or even serviced as Altberg provide a complete after-sales service. You can simply send Altberg you’re worn out boots and they will re-sole, replace the lining, zips etc instead of having to throw them away and buy a new pair.

Altberg makes very high-quality motorcycle boots and they are very reasonably priced. I know I will never buy any other make of motorcycle boot ever again. How’s that for a recommendation?

December 2007
I’ve now owned my pair of Altberg boots for over 5 years and covered over 40 thousand miles and over that period of time I’ve only cleaned them a handful of times and yet with all the abuse they have taken they have never let any water in, always kept my feet nice and warm and are amazingly comfortable to both use while riding the bike and also while walking in them.

The sole, lining and general condition of my Altberg’s are still in very good condition despite being used in all weather’s and conditions ranging from ice and snow to hot and sweaty.

September 2009
Wow – nearly 7 years old and has covered over 75K miles my Altberg boots are still as warm and waterproof as the day I bought them and are showing very little signs of giving up. Amazing boots.

They are still not most fashionable motorcycle boot around but they are the most well made, sturdy, comfortable, warm and dry motorcycle boot I’ve ever worn.

July 2013
I just thought I would update this review as it had been quite a while. I’ve still got my Altberg boots, they are as comfy, warm and dry as the first day I got them, in the 10 years that I’ve had these boots they have always kept my feet dry and comfortable – what more could you ask for!

March 2017
These boots are still going strong, they have been 100% waterproof and still in excellent condition.

June 2018
After being used all year round and covering over 100K miles, I’ve finally decided to replace my Altberg boots, there’s nothing wrong with them, they are comfortable, warm and dry as they were the first day I purchased them, I just fancied a change so I decided to retire them and try our a pair of Daytona Road Star GTX Boots, time will tell if they are as good.

Good Points
Extremely well made.
2.4 mm leather.
Breathable lining.
After sales Service.
CE Certified.
Adjustable calf

Bad Points
Long time to break in (due to the thick quality leather used)
Lack of style

How much? (2002)
Altberg Clubman Roadster – £189.99 (Price in 2018 – £239.99)
Prices start from £114 for other models