Well we started our Saturday ride out in our usual way by meeting up with Bonzo and having a nice breakfast at Fromes Hill cafe where afterwards we were planning on going to go to Rhayader as the scenery is amazing this time of year and the tourists are still fast asleep at home but I noticed that my rear tyre was a very bald and shiny, in fact very similar to like Bonzo’s head, so we decided to head into Birmingham to the Two Wheel Tyre Centre on Queslett Road for the state opening of my wallet in payment for a new tyre.

Two Wheel Tyre Centre

When Rob (the main tyre guy) looked at my front tyre he noticed that I’d got the wrong fitment on the front, it turns out that Bridgestone have a specific fitment for the Blackbird and when I had been previously visited them they had fitted a standard Bridgestone BT-020 and not the specific Bridgestone approved one for the blackbird, this wasn’t the first time I had had problems with this shop, previously after having a new set of tyres fitted I’d arrived home and while washing my bike noticed that a wheel spacer was missing, upon phoning the shop they say “we found one on the floor and wondered where it had come from” – twats!

I’m not sure what the difference is between the 2 Bridgestone fitments but seeing as Bridgestone make a specific BT-020 fitment for the Blackbird there must be a reason and seeing as your tyres are an extremely important safety feature, so I’ve been reliability informed, I decided to replace both tyres… Bugger Bugger… more dosh.

Two Wheel Tyre Centre
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