It was a very cold day on Saturday as we sat at Bob’s house drinking tea and talking bollocks, nothing unusual there it must be said but while twittering away we eventually decided to head south into the Cotswold’s and hopefully end up at Fox’s Diner for a warming breakfast.

Well that was the plan and as we all know things never go to plan, so after jumping onto the bikes we headed down the A429 and passing our usual breakfast stop at the Touchdown Cafe near Wellesbourne airfield we carried on through the popular market town of Moreton-in-Marsh where we turned onto the very frosty and cold A44 until we came into the market town of Chipping Norton.

Once we arrived in Chipping Norton we decided to stop and try to find somewhere to get a hot drink and get warm as we had noticed that even the local brass monkey’s were started to get worried.

Noticing a local book shop named Jaffe & Neale sold coffee and looked very warm and inviting we decided to call in to defrost and get a hit of caffeine, they had a very nice display of the cakes but the thought of fried pig won over and we decided to wait until we got to Fox’s Diner.

After we had warmed up and filled up with coffee we decided to head in a more direct route to Fox’s Diner due to the cold, so on with GPS in hand (well attached to the bike) and via the centre of Oxford we headed until we arrived at Fox’s Diner only to find it closed – crap!

Due to time getting on a bit and the fact we were all starving (knew we should have had some cake in Chipping Norton, man should never turn down the offer of cakwe) we decided to head to the nearest Little Chef, unfortunately this meant a trip around the Oxford ring road that just happened to be almost full of stationary traffic but nothing gets in the way of Bob and his Full English and 15 minutes later the bikes were parked in the Little Chef and we were in a nice warm restaurant ordering more coffee and Olympic Breakfast (Cheers Chinny)

With the bike seat starting to frost over we decided that is way too cold to be out playing silly buggers, even for us, so we took the decision the jump onto the A34 and the M40 and get home nice and quick rather than take the long way home.

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