Another Saturday morning and another excuse to get together for a ride out and a breakfast, unfortunately I was unable to meet up with Bob, Chinny and Bonzo at Fromes Hill cafe where they started the day with a Big Boy breakfast before heading south towards Fowlers Motorcycles in Bristol where I met up with them.

When I eventually arrived at Fowlers to meet up with the boys there was only 1 thing on my mind, I was starving so I walked past all the shiny new Suzuki’s, Kawasaki’s, KTM’s and even Triumph’s and headed straight for the top floor at Flowers where they have a great cafe called Harry’s Cafe, after saying hello to the lads I tucked into one of their outstanding breakfasts.

After a couple of rounds of tea, coffee and diet cokes we then proceeded to have a wander around the bike shop, if you have never visited Fowlers you’re missing a treat the place is massive and spread over 2 buildings and 3 floors they sell not only new Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha bikes but also stock a wide range of second hand bikes, scooters, parts and loads of motorcycle clothing and accessories.

After over an hour of wandering, pointing at things and in some cases rubbing against them (you cannot take Bonzo anywhere!) and we returned to our bikes and planned the route home, for Bonzo it was simply a case of jumping onto the M32/M4 and heading west but myself, Bob and Chinny didn’t fancy the drive of the M5 so we decided to head along the A433 through Tetbury and into Cirencester where we picked up the A429 and followed the fosse way past some of our favourite places like Bourton-on-the-water and Moreton-in-Marsh until we were nearly home in Kenilworth.

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