One of my favourite areas in the UK to ride my bike are the roads around the Derbyshire Peak District in particular the roads around Buxton, Matlock Bath, Glossop & Ashbourne.

The most famous road in the Peak District for bikers has to be the A537 AKA the Cat and Fiddle, named after the inn that is located at the summit of this road.

The A537 Cat and Fiddle goes from Buxton to Macclesfield, the road sweeps high into the Peak District National Park and is full of twisty bends and amazing views of the surrounding area but it can also full of cars, 4×4’s, caravans, police cars, unmarked police cars and bikes (including a Fireblade) and it’s not unusual to see the police helicopter!

Unfortunately the Cat and Fiddle also has a reputation as being the most dangerous road in Britain (Road Safety Foundation) and I have to agree, many a time I’ve seen not only motorcyclists but car drivers who have pushed too far and ended up having a bad day, this is a great road but treat it with some respect and don’t ride it like a knob!

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The Cat & Fiddle Webcam
The Cat & Fiddle Inn: A537 Webcam