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Tyre change on the KTM

Redline Motorcycles

Today’s ride out was not one of Billy’s favourite reasons, it involved the parting of the ways with a shed load of cash, namely the purchase of a new rear tyre. Having said that the piece of rubber in question

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Billy No Mates Tours – Broadway Tower & Crawley Inn

Broadway Tower

With Saturday dawning with clear sky’s, just as the Met Office had predicted, it was looking like a definite summers day in the winter. With the Rigsville Collective still in a state of semi hibernation trying to loose the Christmas

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Billy No Mates Tours – Imperial War Museum

Londinium, 15th October 2014 Billy no mates latest trip involved transport containing more than the usual two wheels and the target for the day was our capital city, London. Billy was the guest of the day on “Wakes Tours”, now

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Billy No Mates Tours – Wiltshire & Hampshire

With the Rigsville collective on a short day it was an opportunity for Billy No Mates to have a trip out and tag a few TMBF Challenge 100 locations. The route had been planned for a while and was sat

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Billy No Mates Tours – Kemble Airport

Today is Triumph Street Triple R collection day so it was a tour starting off on four wheels, clambering into the “arm in arms” motor with leather gear and boots made for the trip over to Performance Triumph in Stratford-upon-Avon

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