Due to other commitments only myself and Bob could get out today and even then I had to be home early, so we decided upon a little run into the Peak District for breakfast.

Beresford Tea Rooms, Hartington

Beresford Tea Rooms, Hartington

We took our usual route through Lichfield and down the A515 until we stopped for petrol at just before Sudbury when I bumped into Boycie and Big Dave from the excellent Triumph Torque Internet forum who were also heading out for a little ride of their own. After getting some advice from Boycie about some of the local roads we jumped back on the bikes and headed back up the A515 into Ashbourne.

After make our way through the traffic in Ashbourne we stayed on the A515 which is a great, if busy and heavily policed road until we turned left onto the B5054 and headed into the picturesque Derbyshire village of Hartington.

Hartington is a typical Peak District village with only around 300 people living here and it used to well known for it’s cheese-making and the mining of lead, ironstone and limestone but unfortunately as is the norm these days the village is now more known more for it’s tourist trade.

A mate of mine had recommended that I check out Beresford Tea Rooms as they are well known as a friendly bunch who serve great food.  The tea room is small with around 6 tables inside but the service was quick and the food excellent. we decided to have our usual Full English breakfast before having a gentle stroll around the village but then time was catching up with us so it was back to the bikes and homeward bound.

Hartington website: www.hartingtonanddistrict.co.uk

Beresford Tea Rooms, Hartington
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