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Motorcycle Live 2014

With the National Exhibition Centre being so close it would be rude not to make the short journey and have a look around at the latest models, the day chosen for this year’s pilgrimage was Friday 28th November, not being

Fowlers, Bristol – November 2014

To misquote a famous North Warwickean celebrity “What a Grey Day”. Saturday morning was grey and miserable, the forecast was to stay dry with the possibility of it brightening up, this did turn out to be true so you can’t

Billy No Mates Tours – Imperial War Museum

Londinium, 15th October 2014 Billy no mates latest trip involved transport containing more than the usual two wheels and the target for the day was our capital city, London. Billy was the guest of the day on “Wakes Tours”, now

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Billy No Mates Tours – Wiltshire & Hampshire

With the Rigsville collective on a short day it was an opportunity for Billy No Mates to have a trip out and tag a few TMBF Challenge 100 locations. The route had been planned for a while and was sat

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Billy No Mates Tours – Kemble Airport

Today is Triumph Street Triple R collection day so it was a tour starting off on four wheels, clambering into the “arm in arms” motor with leather gear and boots made for the trip over to Performance Triumph in Stratford-upon-Avon

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The Grim Riders Virtual Rally

A fairly innocuous email dropped into my inbox from Rob touting an idea for a “Virtual Rally”, never having done anything along these lines before it caught my interest from the off:- I replied in the positive and started

Leather Treatment Potions

We can all spend a great deal of hard earned cash on the many leather products on the market so it makes sense to look after them. A few years ago I came across Leather Genie Balsam and after reading the

KTM 1290R Superduke

This rambling is my own personal view on the KTM 1290R Superduke and should be taken in that context. First impressions, visually stunning, I prefer the black version but KTM will always produce an orange motorcycle. Of course the looks

Ride Out to Nowhere

The quote…. “The best laid plans of mice & men often go astray”…… could not have been written for a better day than this, after a late night/early morning of babysitting duties the alarm was set for a sparrow fart

The Royal Armoury Museum

The longest day of the year comes around all too quickly, the summer hasn’t started and all there is to look forward to are the night’s drawing in and the onset of winter……. To shake us out of that thought

Way Out East

With a quiet day in prospect for the Rigsville collective Rig & Steve decided it was a good opportunity to venture way out East and tag a few TMBF Challenge 100 photos. Plan A was drawn up but with a

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Steve’s TMBF UK Challenge 100 (2014)

Steve and Rig are both taking part in The Motorbike Forum Challenge 100 which is organised by the splendid fellows over at The challenge consists of visiting 100 locations that are divided into 10 Groups based on region and

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Shobdon Airfield

Shobdon Airfield

Bob was on a promise for the afternoon so an early muster was the order of the day in order that he could be back earlyish. For the third week running the Rigsville Collective was destined for an aviation themed

KTM 1190 Adventure

As the saying goes “Time & Tide Wait for No Man”, I was finding it increasingly difficult to justify having three bikes in the garage, each one costing more in the basics of road tax & insurance compared to my