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Lincolnshire Marathon

This was the second attempt at this planned rideout to complete the Northeast tags of the motorbike forum challenge 100, the first effort being cut short when squadron leader Rig picked up a puncture before the meet-up point on the

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Billy No Mates Tours – Wiltshire & Hampshire

With the Rigsville collective on a short day it was an opportunity for Billy No Mates to have a trip out and tag a few TMBF Challenge 100 locations. The route had been planned for a while and was sat

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Way Out East

With a quiet day in prospect for the Rigsville collective Rig & Steve decided it was a good opportunity to venture way out East and tag a few TMBF Challenge 100 photos. Plan A was drawn up but with a

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Steve’s TMBF UK Challenge 100 (2014)

Steve and Rig are both taking part in The Motorbike Forum Challenge 100 which is organised by the splendid fellows over at www.themotorbikeforum.co.uk. The challenge consists of visiting 100 locations that are divided into 10 Groups based on region and

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Rig’s TMBF 2014 Challenge 100

Most bikers like to talk and when we are at home or work and need our daily fix of anything motorbike related there are a growing number of us that frequent on on-line motorcycle forum or 2 or 3 or

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