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Grim Riders National Parks 2009

The aim of this ride is for you to visit some of the 15 National Parks of Britain. The parks may be visited at any time of the year and in any order. You do not need to visit more than one on any particular day or trip. You do need to visit a specific place within each national park, and provide proof of your visit by photographing your motorcycle at that place.

British National Parks Ride 2009 Google Map

Scotland’s National Parks, part 2

Bob and Bonzo had already had a ride up to Scotland to bag the 2 Scottish national parks in July but unfortunately Rig couldn’t make it due to work commitments, but now it was August and with a weekend off and

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Pembrokeshire National Park

Bob, Bonzo and Chinny had already managed to bag Pembrokeshire National Park (photo’s below) but due to work commitments I was unable to go along with them at the time, fortunately this weekend I happened to have a rare Saturday

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Scotland’s National Parks

Where shall I start?, well there were supposed to be four of us to go on this trip up to Scotland as a finale to completing the British National Parks Challenge but unfortunately Chinny dropped out because he couldn’t get

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South West National Parks

Today’s ride out was going to involve a lot of motorway miles, we were planning on getting down to the South West and unfortunately there’s only really one way of getting there quickly and that’s the M5. We left Bob’s

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Northern England National Parks

Early Saturday morning and it’s another great weekend away on our bikes and this time we had a cunning plan, we aimed to visit the North of England and visit as many of the national parks as we could as

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South East England National Parks

Websites: Grim Riders Web Site Grim Riders British National Parks Ride 2009 Google Map

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Brecon Beacons National Park

As most of us had now signed up to the British National Parks Ride we decided that we had better get started and went looking for our 1st point of the challenge. We decided to meet up with Bonzo (Ray

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