Saturday morning and after a few cups of tea at Bob’s house we decided to head out for a breakfast at one of our favourite places, the Touchdown Cafe at Wellesbourne Airfield.

Once we had fuelled up our bikes, Myself, Bob and Chinny made to 20 mile rider over to Wellesbourne Airfield where we found the car park was full of other bikers with the same idea!

Once we found somewhere to park and had ordered our food we sat back and did what most male bikers like to do, talked rubbish (and I played with Twitter) until our food arrived and then is was strangely silent as we devoured our full English.

Afterwards we spilt up as Chinny had other things to attend to so myself and Bob headed towards Coleshill and into Wheel House Tyres as Bob had decided to had the wheels on his Blackbird powder coated.

Wheel House Tyres not only do powder coating to loose wheels but also offer the additional service of allowing you to just ride in on your bike, they remove the wheels and tyres, powder coat them and then re-fit the wheels and tyres to your bike and you return 7 days or so later and ride out on your bike complete with new shiny wheels.

We will be sure to update you when Bob collects his Blackbird with his new pink wheels…..

Bob on his Honda Blackbird
Wellesbourne airfield cafe
Wellesbourne airfield cafe
Wellesbourne airfield cafe
Inside Wellesbourne airfield cafe
A Wellesbourne airfield cafe full English breakfast
A Wellesbourne airfield cafe full English breakfast GONE!
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