Advanced Motorcycle Training

Advanced motorcycle training courses - workshops, with a Police motorcycle instructor.On board video cameras recording all courses.

Alliance of British Drivers

The Alliance of British Drivers is a voluntary and non-profit-making organisation whose aim is to provide an active, responsible voice to lobby for Britain's beleaguered drivers.

We campaign upon a wide range of driving issues, completely independent of any vested interest. We are not afraid to tackle government or councils who so often see drivers as a cash cow to be milked at will.

The ABD was formed to fight for the interests of the everyday motorist — in other words most of us. UK drivers are some of the most heavily taxed in the world, and yet we have one of the worst road networks in the western world and suffer more from traffic congestion than the residents of almost all other countries. In addition, road safety policy, environmental strategy, and planning laws have become dominated by "anti-car" factions who do not represent the voice of the general public.


The UK police initiative to encourage motorcycle riders to improve their skills by riding out with the professionals.

Birmingham Advanced Motorcyclists

Birmingham Advanced Motorcyclists are the Birmingham motorcycling branch of the IAM, one of the largest IAM bike groups in the country, currently with over 300 members.

The club's primary objective is improving the standard of riding of its members, although there is also an active social scene and lots of rides out just for fun.

This site can tell you when and where the club meets, when there are organised group rides, what social activities are planned, how to join and a download of the club bi-monthly newsletter.

If you ride a bike, be it just for fun at the weekend, or every day, you can improve your riding style and safety with the help of BAM.

British Long Distance Riders

All other sites dedicated to long distance riding  seem to have the same format - they prescribe a set of limited distance/time requirements based on outdated and easily circumvented evidence which you either pass or fail. Options are generally limited to doing more of the same in less time, and paying a premium for a certificate to recognise the fact.
We aim to do things differently; to be  far more inclusive in how we do things and far more wide ranging in the types of motorcycle rides we recognise.We work on the basis of recognising challenges you have set for yourself. You decide on the parameters for these rides, examples might include:

Riding from Dover to Durness within 24 hours
Visiting 50 castles in a year
Visiting every motorcycle racing circuit with a group of mates
Riding a moped from one side of the country to the other
Completing a particular rally/ challenge which does not issue a certificate
Visiting as many branches of Tesco's as you can in 12 hours (the 'UKgser' option' :))

We will ask for evidence of your ride - this may be through online recording, photographs, GPS tracks and/or receipts.

Coventry and Warwick Advanced  Motorcyclists

Coventry & Warwick Advanced Motorcyclists is a local group affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists. We promote safe riding by assisting motorcyclists to develop their skills. Riders are encouraged to maintain their standards, sustain their interest and enjoy the company of a group of like-minded people who simply want to get the most out of biking.

The group offers a full calendar of social events to enjoy and a ready supply of new friends to meet.

Essex Advanced Motorcyclists’ Group

With over 35 year’s experience providing post-test further training, Essex Advanced Motorcyclists' Group has successfully trained hundreds of riders who have achieved nationally recognised qualifications. We are passionate about the quality of our riding and training; it’s in our DNA.

Motorcycling should always be FUN. You’ll seldom see a car driver go for a drive just for pleasure; bikers take every opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the open road come rain or shine. Yes, riding in the rain can be FUN! Modestly powered bikes will outperform most cars, more powerful bikes are in another league but need the skill to ride them well.

We’ve all seen riders struggling, poor positioning and tension hindering their progress. It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you’re new to biking or ridden for years but want to be the best you can, we can help you. We’ll take your riding skills to a level as high as you want to go. Your riding will begin to flow, you’ll feel more relaxed and make better progress with an increased margin of safety.

Not sure? Why not come along and meet us. All age groups are welcome, whatever you ride. Take a free assessment of your riding, further training really is FUN.

IAM RoadSmart

At IAM RoadSmart we make better drivers and riders. As the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, formed in 1956, we’ve spent more than 60 years making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education.

Our qualified experts, our network of thousands of volunteers and our 200 local groups are our lifeblood. They champion our cause and help drive our vision – to be the best, most recognised provider of coaching and advice for all post-licence drivers and riders, and to help make our roads safer for all

Lichfield Advanced Motorcyclists

Lichfield Advanced Motorcyclists Group has a proven track record of providing guidance to prospective advanced motorcyclists of all ages who wish to take the IAM advanced riding test. To achieve your goals we utilise the skills of our fully trained observers who each voluntarily offer their time, assistance and dedication.

As well as offering advanced training we are also a friendly motorcycle club. We organize regular monthly ride outs, social events, camping weekends, trips abroad, off-road riding days, trips to the Isle of Man, and much more.

The principal areas covered are Lichfield, Burton, Cannock, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding towns and villages in South Staffordshire. However, anyone is more than welcome to come along and join us.

Our membership has grown year on year and we have successfully helped all of our associate members who wished to become full members of the IAM by passing their test. We now have over 100 members in the club including a good number of female riders and pillions.


I've been riding for 40+ years. I'm currently an IAM National Observer (20 years). I'm also an IAM Observer Assessor, for training new Observers. My qualifications are: Motorcycle - IAM F1rst, IAM Masters (Distinction), ROSPA Gold (several years). Car - IAM F1rst (in a DCT).


Based in the West Midlands Motorvelo is where you can come to improve and develop your advanced road riding skills to the highest level

MotorVelo is located in Shropshire and is ideally placed to take advantage of the local roads which offer some great resources for rider development, through to the varied roads of Central and Northern Wales widely regarded as some of the best in the world.

Courses are available to cover all riders needs from those who have just qualified and want to improve, the returning biker looking to refresh and learn new improve skills after a short or longer layoff, riders with a specific area of their riding they want to develop, through to experienced riders looking to refine their riding and that may be on their way to gaining a recognised qualification.

You can even do a course with a mate.

Northamptonshire Advanced Motorcyclists

Northamptonshire Advanced Motorcyclists is the premier advanced motorcycle riding group within the Northamptonshire area and is dedicated to providing the necessary skills that will enable you to ride more confidently, safely and more skilfully than you ever imagined.

Our highly trained team of Observers will enhance your riding skills and standards to a level where the confidence gained will allow you to take your motorcycling to a more enjoyable riding experience and to pass the IAM's advanced test (and that usually entitles you to a discount on your insurance!)

Rapid Training

For 20 years we’ve been true to our vision of inspiring riders to get out there and ride. Equipping them with the skills to do it confidently, whatever the conditions.

Our mission
Our mission is to inspire riders to ride – and to help them to do it well. Winter or summer, rain or shine, track or road, we really don’t care. We just care that you get out there and discover the sheer exhilaration, adventure and freedom that comes from mastering your machine.

Our story
Back in 1997, a group of ex-racers who had moved on to become police riders, decided that there was a serious need for a fresh approach to rider development. Their heritage, both on the race circuits and as vastly experienced police riders, giving them a unique perspective on how to help riders reach their full potential.

Knowing that riders learn best when they are enjoying themselves, they evolved their own, relaxed, no-nonsense approach to coaching. No formality, no student and instructor bibs, just passionate riders being coached by the most highly qualified professionals in the business – and having fun.

Now, with over twenty years experience achieving top class results, Rapid has earned industry acclaim and is the go-to supplier for professional riders including MCN, Bike and KTM teams. With industry-leading products, we offer by far the most comprehensive and advanced rider coaching available in the UK.

Redditch Advanced Motorcyclists

We are a group of motorcyclists with a passion for getting on our bikes and riding whenever we can.
Our IAM trained observers form the core of RAMG and are available to ride with you, assess your ride and help you to achieve a high standard of roadcraft.
Upon joining us you will be allocated an observer to help you work through the IAM Advanced Rider Course, leading to an advanced riding test on a variety of roads.

Roadcraft Nottingham

Motorcycle riding tips and advice, bike and gadget reviews with a fully qualified award winning motorcycle instructor with over 35 years teaching experience.

Roadcraft School of Motorcycling

Roadcraft School of Motorcycling is Nottingham's oldest and most experienced motorbike school and was established in Nottingham in March 1989. We are fully approved by the Driving Standards Agency or DSA which means that our motorcycle training and CBT in Nottingham is kept to the highest possible standards at all times. We offer CBT in Nottingham 6 days a week.

Roadcraft School of Motorcycling was established in March 1989. We are fully approved by the Driving Standards Agency or DSA which means that our motorcycle training is kept to the highest possible standards at all times. Being a privately owned motorcycle training school based in Nottingham, Roadcraft has managed to keep the personal touch the National schools may have lost over the years.


Mike Waite's Police Advanced Riding Techniques course - Now crafted ideally for civilian riders new to advanced riding
Mike Waite, an ex-police motorcycle instructor of vast experience set up this advanced motorcycle training course and has trained hundreds of motorcyclists in the police system of advanced motorbike riding and motorcycle safety.

Staying ahead of the pack needs new ways to think about riding!
Technical riding ability alone does not significantly reduce rider risk and it's not just inexperience riders who crash. Skilled riders also come to grief in corners, at junctions and overtaking when basic get-out-of trouble techniques would have saved them if they'd predicted what was about to go wrong.
The SURVIVAL SKILLS approach is to apply 'insight training', helping riders predict how, where and why things go wrong, and to avoid the common crashes. We can avoid making mistakes ourselves, and know-how to avoid someone else's.
Cities, rural lanes, touring, sport riding, commuting...
...whatever the riding challenge, SURVIVAL SKILLS is the answer.

Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists

Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists is the UK's biggest advanced bike club,