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Adventure Touring is currently the fastest growing sector of the Motorcycle Industry. In spite of this rapid growth, there is still limited content out there that specializes in Adventure Riding. Most motorcycle publications cover a wide range of categories, with only the occasional Adventure Bike story squeezed in. In addition, much of the online content is poorly written and good content is hard to find.

Through our website, you’ll learn more about the latest Adventure Bikes and Products to help guide your purchasing decisions. You can discover exciting new rides in faraway places or right on your own home turf. You’ll get tips on how to better prepare for your next trip and improve your riding skills. We are also building a community of like-minded Adventure Riders eager to share ideas and meet up for rides.

Our goal is simple, to motivate Adventure Bike Riders to ride more and have more fun doing it.

Biker Rallies

Welcome to Biker Rallies UK.

If you ride a Motorbike, Scooter, Classic Bike or Trike then we have a rally aimed at you.

Here we want to give you some riding experiences you will remember and share with your friends.

Our annual events will cover different parts of the country each year starting with the Lincolnshire Wolds and also the East and North Yorkshire Moors.

Our rallies will cover one day runs and a summer long themed event.

Full details of these can be seen on our Rallies page.

As a site run for bikers we are always looking for feedback, so if you come along to one of our events and think we could do it better or offer more then please let us know. We want you to keep coming back and enjoying the rides.

British Long Distance Riders

All other sites dedicated to long distance riding  seem to have the same format - they prescribe a set of limited distance/time requirements based on outdated and easily circumvented evidence which you either pass or fail. Options are generally limited to doing more of the same in less time, and paying a premium for a certificate to recognise the fact.
We aim to do things differently; to be  far more inclusive in how we do things and far more wide ranging in the types of motorcycle rides we recognise.We work on the basis of recognising challenges you have set for yourself. You decide on the parameters for these rides, examples might include:

Riding from Dover to Durness within 24 hours
Visiting 50 castles in a year
Visiting every motorcycle racing circuit with a group of mates
Riding a moped from one side of the country to the other
Completing a particular rally/ challenge which does not issue a certificate
Visiting as many branches of Tesco's as you can in 12 hours (the 'UKgser' option' :))

We will ask for evidence of your ride - this may be through online recording, photographs, GPS tracks and/or receipts.

Chasing Horizons

We are both travelling pirates who enjoy adventuring to lands near and far in the hope to raise awareness and monies for our three stupendous charities: The Wales Air Ambulance, Riders 4 Health and The World Land Trust!

Follow our trips and tales on this site or alternatively our Chasing Horizons Facebook Page where all the shenanigans goes on!

ChickenStrips European Motorcycle Tours

WELCOME to the home of epic motorcycle tours of the UK & Europe, the home of epic motorcycle tours of the best roads in the UK & Northern Spain

Our aim is to get you to the best roads available, have you grinning from ear to ear each and every day so you are chomping at the bit for your next trip away. If you’re not grinning, we’re not winning.

Grim Riders MCC

A great site dedicated to long distance motorcycle riding including challenge rides for charity.

Guided Motorbike Tours

Guided Motorbike Tours offers riders an opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of touring and traveling by motorcycle without the hassles and planning.

We spend weeks carefully planning, preparing and researching our tours, providing riders with plenty to see and ample roads to keep your heart beating and your throttle twisting.

Motorcycle touring in the the UK and Europe has risen in popularity at an amazing pace since manufactures have been introducing new and improved bikes capable of longer journeys, in particular the adventure touring bike range. With improved miles per gallon, better riding positions and ability to carry considerable loads, it's no wonder people are keen to explore more than their local nature reserve, add the fact many have the ability to venture off onto dirt tracks, the possibilities just seems endless.

Come and join us on an amazing adventure, whether you want to spend the weekend in a tent in the Swiss Alps, ride through Norway on a 14 day tour or travel through Europe across mountain passes and stay in comfortable luxury hotels, we have plenty to choose from and are always willing to put something new together for you and a group of friends or a club

All our tour guides are professional motorcyclists, trained to either RoSPA or IAM Advanced Motorcycle Standard, most are instructors and all have passed a First Biker on Scene First Aid Course as a minimum requirement. All of our guides have considerable experience touring and riding in groups

Iron Butt Association

The Iron Butt Association is dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle endurance riding.

Long Distance Rider

Long Distance Riders (LDR) has been developed as a certification site to document your long distance riding achievements.

Would you enjoy testing your riding skills and endurance? Would you like to become a member of this elite motorcycle group? Then welcome to the Long Distance Riders. We are Bad to the Bone.

Round Britain Rally

Want an excuse to go somewhere next weekend?

Simon Weir is the former deputy and supplement editor of RiDE magazine. He has been riding motorbikes and writing about them for the popular magazine market for many years as well as trying and testing motorbike-related products. A RoSPA diploma holder, Simon has ridden extensively all over Europe.

Simon is the author of 2 bestselling books on UK motorcycles routes, Bikers' Britain: Great Motorbike Rides and Great Motorcycle Tours of Europe, both available on Amazon.

Welsh National Rally

The Welsh National Rally is organised by the Clive Motorcycle Club based in Welshpool.