Yarro Moto

Welcome, my aim is to bring you quality touring vids, rather than a huge quantity of videos...but you judge!

On 15/06/2020 I rebranded the channel name to 'Yarro Moto' from the previously named 'PJY Motorcycling'. So, video content prior to this date will have some legacy issues with the former channel name still displayed on logos and titles...there's not a lot I can do about this, sorry.

In 2017, I started recording my motorcycling trips for myself, family and friends......and they seem to be popular with the YouTube audience too!

Also, I'm a long-standing member of the UK motorcycle club PEMC.co.uk and highly recommend the club, if you are interested in reasonably priced, organised but the self-guided UK & European trips....check out their calendar of UK & Euro trips.

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