Where shall we go next year? I hear you all asking, unfortunately due to Grim from Grim Riders MCC having a fun and hectic family life he’s decided not to do a charity bike ride in 2014 but thankfully Grim has already spent loads of time and effort on designing other rides, so we have decided to ‘borrow’ his list of rides and use one of them for 2014. (We will obviously still give to charity)

We have also decided that it will be YOU the reader that can help shape our 2014 adventures and by using the links below, vote for your preferred charity ride.

Please take a look at the Grim Riders website for a list of potential charity bike rides and the vote for the ride you want us to take part in for 2014.

You can vote as many times as you want, for as many rides as you wish!

To help you out, I’ve also created a few Google maps that show the location of some of the charity rides, you can see them by clicking the big blue button below:

Lifeboat, Pubs and Windmills Google Map

Another request I was sent was that we take part in the Round Britain Rally. This rally is designed for invididuals, where each enterant has to figure out the location of the landmarks based on clues and as each landmark is worth different points dependant on the landmarks location and difficulty so the idea is to get as many points as possilbe, obviously we would do this as a group and not collect the points but use it more as an excuse to see different parts of the UK also we would not publish any of the landmark details as it would be unfair and again the rules of the rally.

Another option of the UK Challenge 2014 organised by The Motorbike Forum, check out the details :here:
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