Biker Blogs is dedicated to the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200, Tiger 1050 and the Tiger 955i. Plus Seamaster 25 and Pilgrim Bulldog

ADV Pulse

Adventure Touring is currently the fastest growing sector of the Motorcycle Industry. In spite of this rapid growth, there is still limited content out there that specializes in Adventure Riding. Most motorcycle publications cover a wide range of categories, with only the occasional Adventure Bike story squeezed in. In addition, much of the online content is poorly written and good content is hard to find.

Through our website, you’ll learn more about the latest Adventure Bikes and Products to help guide your purchasing decisions. You can discover exciting new rides in faraway places or right on your own home turf. You’ll get tips on how to better prepare for your next trip and improve your riding skills. We are also building a community of like-minded Adventure Riders eager to share ideas and meet up for rides.

Our goal is simple, to motivate Adventure Bike Riders to ride more and have more fun doing it.

Alex Chacon

My name is Alex, I’m a Travel Lifestyle Vlogger who’s also a Motorcycle Adventure Rider, Action Sports Athlete and Photographer always looking for Epic Unique Adventures and experiences around the world.

My YouTube channel is all about “Your Guide to Epic Travel, Adventures and Lifestyle”. That’s means you’ll get educated and entertained through engaging professional videos and vlogs about: Adventurous Off the Beaten Track Travel, Motorcycle Travel and Gear/Tech Reviews, Filming and Video Making Techniques, Exotic Travel Destinations, Inspirational and Motivational videos,, Vlogs of Daily Travel, and my personal experiences in conquering my own challenges, the struggle and triumphs to show you that anyone can do what I do, in hopes of helping contribute to your own daily adventures and provide the tools you’ll need to succeed on your next epic adventure or challenge you never thought would be possible!

Alex is the most recognised Motorcycle Adventure Rider in the world, Selfie Expert and international traveller/blogger/social influencer in his generation.

Biker Ted Diaries

Biker Ted Diaries – European travels, bike rallys, motorcycle related days out.

Bikes in the Fast Lane – Daily Motorcycle News

One of the first motorcycle related Blog sites on the internet.A motorcycle daily news site with news on motorcycles, bikers, travel & adventure and motorcycle related websites.

Christine’s Corner

Christine’s CornerProud rider of a Harley Davidson Fatboy and Yamaha V-Star 1100. Can the sport of motorcycling be any more fun? Read on and find out! Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my motorcycle misadventures. It may not always be fun, but it sure will be interesting!

Craig Ripley – Living off the Slab

Our country is filled with amazing people and spectacular locations. And for me, there is no better way to seek them out than from the saddle of a motorcycle. As everyone who rides a bike can attest, there is just something magical about floating over the tarmac on two wheels; providing a sense of freedom and adventure.

This channel is dedicated to those who share my passion for motorcycle travel. It is my way of sharing my experiences while travelling in my home town and across our great country. Hopefully, it will inspire you to get out and follow your own personal dreams and ambitions.


GPS manufacturer Garmin has their own GPS Blog.

Maps, videos, blogs, plenty of pictures and my motorcycle musings from touring Europe and beyond!

Entrant to the IRON BUTT RALLY 2013, July 1-12

Motorcycle Blogs: Racing, Mechanics, Shops, Choppers, Bike Art, and More

Australia’s best motorcycle roads. Lots of ride reports, photos, maps and info.

Motorcycle Bloggers Group


Woman Motorcycle Enthusiast Editor’s Blog. Motorcycling Life Fully Straddled. Women and Motorcycling The Lifestyle of Every Woman Motorcycle Enthusiast.

My Biking Life

A 30 something living and biking in London.

Trip reports and other bits and pieces of Paul’s life on two wheels.


Pillioness – Helping women to love motorcycling.


Poor Circulation: Riding Around The World, ………………….. on

SheRidesABeemerOne woman’s ideas about what is means to be a motorcyclist.

Simon Weir is the former deputy and supplement editor of RiDE magazine. He has been riding motorbikes and writing about them for the popular magazine market for many years as well as trying and testing motorbike-related products. A RoSPA diploma holder, Simon has ridden extensively all over Europe.

Simon is the author of 2 bestselling books on UK motorcycles routes, Bikers’ Britain: Great Motorbike Rides and Great Motorcycle Tours of Europe, both available on Amazon.


The personal journal of a man coming to terms with his motorcycle obsession.

From ride memories to bike tests, through good and bad moods the authors share their ideas, thoughts, exporations of new destinations and riding experiences.


webBikeWorld – Information about motorcycles, accessory reviews, motorcycle clothing, helmets, maintenance and repair articles.

WorldRider: Journey of Adventure & Discovery

WorldRider: Journey of Adventure & Discovery