Surf Pilot

I like water sports, but the missuse thinks that's just weird.

I love Surfing, and when on land I love riding my motorbike, both give you that sense of freedom and rush that bikers and surfers will understand.

I use the word love a lot too, with men it's more a chest bump or twin fist bump love, with girls it's... well the same but with lube.

I am a biker and a surfer, like you have not got that by now and the with the former I have owned more than I care to to remember, i can't seem to find the one I want, or when I do I then fancy something else.

It is an issue, I know it is. Nope, I am not a millionaire, I work very hard and have to save up for these toys, like most everyone else out there, Sports bikes, well a lot of bikes can be got cheap as chips.

Keep it real peeps and ride safe, oh! I love you all x