Guided Motorbike Tours

Guided Motorbike Tours offers riders an opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of touring and traveling by motorcycle without the hassles and planning.

We spend weeks carefully planning, preparing and researching our tours, providing riders with plenty to see and ample roads to keep your heart beating and your throttle twisting.

Motorcycle touring in the the UK and Europe has risen in popularity at an amazing pace since manufactures have been introducing new and improved bikes capable of longer journeys, in particular the adventure touring bike range. With improved miles per gallon, better riding positions and ability to carry considerable loads, it's no wonder people are keen to explore more than their local nature reserve, add the fact many have the ability to venture off onto dirt tracks, the possibilities just seems endless.

Come and join us on an amazing adventure, whether you want to spend the weekend in a tent in the Swiss Alps, ride through Norway on a 14 day tour or travel through Europe across mountain passes and stay in comfortable luxury hotels, we have plenty to choose from and are always willing to put something new together for you and a group of friends or a club

All our tour guides are professional motorcyclists, trained to either RoSPA or IAM Advanced Motorcycle Standard, most are instructors and all have passed a First Biker on Scene First Aid Course as a minimum requirement. All of our guides have considerable experience touring and riding in groups