Moto Jackanory

Moto Jackanory

A person needs a hobby and mine is motorcycles. I like riding them over long distances and I find fettling with them excellent for stress reduction (assuming you have alternative transport if things don’t work out as expected.) I’ve been on motorised two wheels since I was 17 when I started with a Lambretta Li 150. Having kids meant that I had a 10 year break from motorcycles. When they got older I was able to return to motorcycling. I’m also lucky in that Chris, my wife, also likes motorcycles. She has been my pillion since we met many years ago when I had a Honda 400 Four. That was our honeymoon transportation.

On this site you’ll find a collection of my motorcycling stories about the rides and various motorcycle rallies I’ve done over the years. Chris accompanied me on many of these.

Our rides have typically involved mountainous regions of Europe. We’ve done the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites. We’re addicted to lovely winding roads and stunning mountain scenery. Mindless miles done on motorways doesn’t appeal. The rallies I’ve been on, many with Chris as pillion, are:

Grim Rider’s Rallies
Irish Photo Rally
National Road Rally
Round Britain Rally
Scottish National Rally
South West Peninsula Spring Rally
Stella Alpina Rally
Welsh National Rally

In summary, the site is a record of an ageing biker’s motorcycling trips. If you have similar interests you may like to read some of them? Make of it what you will!

Trevor Fairbanks