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TMBF 2019 Challenge 100

TMBF 2019 Challenge 100 Google Map

#ride5000miles score

Total mileage for this year: 2,842 out of 5,000

Bison Run Out

Back on the Road Again…although, with apologies to REO Speedwagon, not leaving, but a return to two-wheeled adventures. It was time to get the new wheels back into the groove and have a trip out. After a two-year two-wheeled break

Bedford (The Bendy)

While having a mooch around the Adventure Bike Rider Forum I spotted a very interesting route that has been posted by Hammy named Bedford (The Bendy) and boy was it bendy! The route took me past Melton Mowbray and I

Day in the Cotswolds

While the UK was basking in unusually warm February temperatures (18 degrees Celsius) I decided to replace the front tyre as it was getting very low, well it had covered an astonishing 7,572 miles and while the rear tyre still

New Year’s Day ride to Grindleford Cafe

2019 looked like it was going to start in a very unusual fashion, it was going to warm (for the time of year, 10 degrees Celsius) and dry and with nothing planned the only sensible thing to do would be

Rig’s TMBF 2019 Challenge 100

For the 6th year running Rig is taking part in The Motorbike Forum UK Challenge 100 which is organised by the splendid fellows over at General tags. This year there are 12 tags per mainland UK region. Key: Green