The Lone Rider

The Lone Rider is a sculpture that depicts a motorcycle and rider in a Futurist style, elements of the sculpture give the impression of speed. The Lone Rider took approximately seven months to make, and was carved out of a ten tonne block of Derbyshire stone. The design was by Steve Field, the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Artist.

The Lone Rider Sculpture

The Lone Rider Sculpture, Dudley

The work was Bowers’ first commission after his graduation. The unveiling ceremony included a fleet of twenty five motorcycles manufactured by A.J. Stevens and Sunbeam complete with police escort.

The sculpture was unveiled by Geoff Stevens whose father was one four co-founders of the factory. The work is intended as a tribute to the former AJS bike factory that stood on the site from 1914 to 1931. AJS scored wins in the Isle of Man TT and the Grand Prix during the 1920s.

The Lone Rider Sculpture
The Lone Rider Sculpture
The Lone Rider Sculpture
The Lone Rider Sculpture

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