Alex Chacon

Alex Chacon
Name: Alex Chacon

My name is Alex, I’m a Travel Lifestyle Vlogger who’s also a Motorcycle Adventure Rider, Action Sports Athlete and Photographer always looking for Epic Unique Adventures and experiences around the world.

My YouTube channel is all about “Your Guide to Epic Travel, Adventures and Lifestyle”. That’s means you’ll get educated and entertained through engaging professional videos and vlogs about: Adventurous Off the Beaten Track Travel, Motorcycle Travel and Gear/Tech Reviews, Filming and Video Making Techniques, Exotic Travel Destinations, Inspirational and Motivational videos,, Vlogs of Daily Travel, and my personal experiences in conquering my own challenges, the struggle and triumphs to show you that anyone can do what I do, in hopes of helping contribute to your own daily adventures and provide the tools you’ll need to succeed on your next epic adventure or challenge you never thought would be possible!

Alex is the most recognised Motorcycle Adventure Rider in the world, Selfie Expert and international traveller/blogger/social influencer in his generation.

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