Rapid Training

Rapid Training
Name: Rapid Training

For 20 years we’ve been true to our vision of inspiring riders to get out there and ride. Equipping them with the skills to do it confidently, whatever the conditions.

Our mission
Our mission is to inspire riders to ride – and to help them to do it well. Winter or summer, rain or shine, track or road, we really don’t care. We just care that you get out there and discover the sheer exhilaration, adventure and freedom that comes from mastering your machine.

Our story
Back in 1997, a group of ex-racers who had moved on to become police riders, decided that there was a serious need for a fresh approach to rider development. Their heritage, both on the race circuits and as vastly experienced police riders, giving them a unique perspective on how to help riders reach their full potential.

Knowing that riders learn best when they are enjoying themselves, they evolved their own, relaxed, no-nonsense approach to coaching. No formality, no student and instructor bibs, just passionate riders being coached by the most highly qualified professionals in the business – and having fun.

Now, with over twenty years experience achieving top class results, Rapid has earned industry acclaim and is the go-to supplier for professional riders including MCN, Bike and KTM teams. With industry-leading products, we offer by far the most comprehensive and advanced rider coaching available in the UK.

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