Kawasaki Versys 1000

Kawasaki Versys 1000

August 2019

With Betty the BMW R1200GS now gone to a new home it was time to look for another bike, obviously, I had already had a few makes and models in mind beforehand so I had a good idea of what my next bike would be.

I’ve never owned a Kawasaki and there are 3 bikes in their line up I like, The Z1000SX, Versys 1000 and the ZZR1400.

The Z1000SX is a great looking bike, with loads of power, great handling and with Bonzo, Ray and Darryll having all owned one in the past I had seen first hand how the bike performed but there was just something that I couldn’t put my finger on to make me go for this model.

The ZZR1400 was the next contender, again Bonzo and Darryll had both moved on from their SX’s onto the brute of the ZZR1400 but I didn’t find the big Z comfortable enough for me and knew I would be complaining about all the weight on my wrists so that was another no.

The last bike was the Versys 1000, the original model with its twin vertical headlights was the ugliest bike ever released but the newer, 2015 onwards facelift model it a much better-looking bike, it had the same engine as the Z1000SX (slight retuned) and was way more comfortable, so after looking around the Internet, Facebook, Auto Trader, MCN and eBay I eventually found….Fiona

Kawasaki engine guard
Kawasaki LED riding lights
Kawasaki panniers and top box
Kawasaki gear indicator
Kawasaki handguards
Remapped ECU and setup on Dynojet Dyno (makes a genuine 120bhp)
MRA Adjustable flip-up screen and spoiler
Carbon fender extender
SW Motech GPS mount
Koso heated grips
DoubleTronics dual headlight module (both headlights are on at the same time)
G2 Ergonomics throttle tamer


Versys 1000 01
Versys 1000 02
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Kawasaki Versys 1000
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